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Archival Revival (1966-1969)
Released Nov. 2005

4 CD Box Set

Snook is the only town for me
The best guitar picker
I'm a sucker for a girl like that
Hard-headed me
They called him country
Take me back to the good old days
You wouldn't put the shuck on me
Talking guitar blues
Four kinds of lonely
 Buy, buy, buy
Women do funny things to me
May the bird of paradise fly up your nose

Don't blow your horn
I wouldn't do it
Brooklyn bridge
Peel me a nanner
Someone sweet to love
My dirty, lowdown, rotten cotton-pickin' little darlin'
Change of wife
I'm a people
Beautiful banjo
Ride, ride, ride
If you want me to

Chubby (Please take your love to town)
The doodlin' song
Tender-hearted me
Unmitigated gall
Big harlan taylor
If they could see the self come out in me
We split the blanket
I couldn't spell yuuk
How come I stutter
The great snowman
My old buddy

Sally was a good old girl
Ballad of Joe Bean
The bicycle wreck
On the street where you live
I couldn't spell yuuk

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